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The Confrerie d' Abbeville belongs to a worldwide fraternity of Giant Omelette Celebrations.  The Omelette cities all have one thing in common, they all are French speaking or have a community of French speaking people. The purpose of the worldwide organization is to preserve and share the French language and culture.

If you find yourself in one of our sister cities at the right time we hope you will take the opportunity to attend a Giant Omelette Celebration.


Bessieres, France Website    Easter Monday

Frejus, France- 2nd weekend in September

Dumbea, New Caledonia - Last Weekend in April

Granby, Quebec in Canada- June 24

Malmedy, Belgium- August 15

Pigue, Argentina -December

Each year Abbeville's Giant Omelette members send out an official invitation to all of the other Confreries inviting their members to travel to Abbeville and participate in our Omelette cooking and festivities. In return each sister city extends an invitation to Abbeville's members to join them in their festival week.  Over the years many Omelette guest from around the world have visited Abbeville, participated and forged lifelong friendships with Omelette members, especially their host families. Many Abbeville members have traveled to several of the Omelette cities and done the same, hence you sometimes hear the Omelette referred to as the "Omelette of Friendship".

I suppose you could say that Abbeville has many Ambassadors of Friendship who promote our beautiful city and culture throughoout the world each year! 


        Celebration Highlights

        Saturday, November 5th
        Walk for Charity

        Tour of Homes

        Juried Art Show

        Food Vendors

        Live Entertainment

        Kid's World

        Eggs Over Easy Egg Toss Competition

        Antique Implement Show

       Antique Tractor "Egg Cracking" 

        Sunday, November 6th
        Official Mass

        Cajun Challenge Bicycle Ride
        Poker Run

        Juried Art Show

        Food Vendors

        Antique Car/Implement Show

        Live Entertainment

        Procession of Chefs

        Petite Omelette Cooking

        Giant "5000 Egg" Omelette CookingFuture Omelette Dates
         Nov. 5th & 6th, 2016
         Nov. 4th & 5th, 2017
         Nov. 3rd & 4th, 2018
         Nov  2nd & 3rd, 2019
         Nov  7th  & 8th, 2020

         2013 Video
         Click here for full schedule

         Our video is online! Click here for a virtual visit