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Did you Know?

Abbeville's Giant Omelette grows each year just like the friendships between its participating countries. How you ask? Each year there is one egg added to the "5000 Egg Omelette". This year there will be 5030! Wow!

The Omelette is served to the public free of charge, so come early, you wouldn't want to miss out. The Omelette really turns out to be scrambled eggs.

Interesting Facts and Tips
Getting a New Skillet
Premier Grand Maitre. In the background

The new skillet arrives.
After putting in its time, the original skillet used for cooking the Omelette began to show signs of wearing. On the Omelette's 20th anniversary it was decided to introduce a new skillet. Thanks to Don Begneaud, owner of Begneaud Manufacturing, Inc. Lafayette, Louisiana and his company employees this became a reality.

On October 10th, 2004 the 12' diameter stainless steel skillet arrived. Founder of the Celebration, Premier Grand Maitre "Bichon" Emery Toups inspects the new skillet. In the background "Maurice d' Chevalier" looks on. This wooden cutout depicting the dress of the Omelette chefs is displayed downtown each year compliments of our own Peter Dehart. It is planned to put the old skillet on permanent display in the future.

Starting an Omelette
It all begins with sand..and a good fire
Maitre d' fer Elray Schexnider tends the fire

Did you know the 5000 egg Omelette is cooked on a real wood fire.
Maitre d' feu Elray Schexnider gathers just the right wood all year and puts it to good use on Omelette Sunday. He and his crew get up very early that morning to spread the sand generously brought by the city of Abbeville Fire Department. the sand is shaped in the form of a "saucer" with the wood placed directly in the center. After getting a good fire going, it is carefully tended through out the morning to get just the right even temperature.

For a first hand preview of the Matire d' fer at his fire starting best, join us with your cup of coffee on Sunday morning in front of the Courthouse at 7:30 a.m. to get a good seat and watch the show.


We just received our new shipment of ties. Get them at the festival!!!

Giant Omelette Celebration TABASCO® Tie Not just for breakfast!

The McIlhenny Company, makers of TABASCO® sauce and an original sponsor of our Giant Omelette Celebration, has graciously increased their participation with The Giant Omelette Celebration in allowing the creation of a one of a kind TABASCO® Giant Omelette neck tie.

This unique tie displays the ingredients of our “5000 egg” Giant Omelette.

Buy your TABASCO® Omelette tie and wear it with pride.
Ties can be bought at the Abbeville Cultural and Alliance Center in Historic downtown just near Magdalen Square

What a bargain for a genuineTABASCO®: $30.00.

Did you know that if you click on the eggs on the bottom of each page of our website they will actually CRACK!!! How fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!




        Celebration Highlights

        Saturday, November 5th
        Walk for Charity

        Tour of Homes

        Juried Art Show

        Food Vendors

        Live Entertainment

        Kid's World

        Eggs Over Easy Egg Toss Competition

        Antique Implement Show

       Antique Tractor "Egg Cracking" 

        Sunday, November 6th
        Official Mass

        Cajun Challenge Bicycle Ride
        Poker Run

        Juried Art Show

        Food Vendors

        Antique Car/Implement Show

        Live Entertainment

        Procession of Chefs

        Petite Omelette Cooking

        Giant "5000 Egg" Omelette CookingFuture Omelette Dates
         Nov. 5th & 6th, 2016
         Nov. 4th & 5th, 2017
         Nov. 3rd & 4th, 2018
         Nov  2nd & 3rd, 2019
         Nov  7th  & 8th, 2020

         2013 Video
         Click here for full schedule

         Our video is online! Click here for a virtual visit