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Procession of Chefs
Not your typical parade

Members of the Giant Omelette Celebration march through the streets of Abbeville to greet the crowd. The procession is held on Sunday afternoon and is a sign that the cooking is about to begin.

The "chefs" lead the procession down Concord Street to the 12' skillet. Then....let the cracking begin!!

French Bread
French Bread provided by Poupart's Bakery is part of the procession. It is cut and served with the Omelette. Poupart Bakery, Inc. is the only bakery in Louisiana which carries cakes, cookies, French pastries, and French bread. They deliver to many of the finest restaurants and stores in southwest Louisiana from Lake Charles to Baton Rouge.
Tabasco Girls Dance Team

        Celebration Highlights

        Saturday, November 5th
        Walk for Charity

        Tour of Homes

        Juried Art Show

        Food Vendors

        Live Entertainment

        Kid's World

        Eggs Over Easy Egg Toss Competition

        Antique Implement Show

       Antique Tractor "Egg Cracking" 

        Sunday, November 6th
        Official Mass

        Cajun Challenge Bicycle Ride
        Poker Run

        Juried Art Show

        Food Vendors

        Antique Car/Implement Show

        Live Entertainment

        Procession of Chefs

        Petite Omelette Cooking

        Giant "5000 Egg" Omelette CookingFuture Omelette Dates
         Nov. 5th & 6th, 2016
         Nov. 4th & 5th, 2017
         Nov. 3rd & 4th, 2018
         Nov  2nd & 3rd, 2019
         Nov  7th  & 8th, 2020

         2013 Video
         Click here for full schedule

         Our video is online! Click here for a virtual visit